BeadLiner Wide Format Diffuser
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BeadLiner Wide Format Diffuser

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Effortlessly spread reflective beads evenly over stop lines, cross walks, and any stencil up to 16 inches wide!  Make sure your quality shines, even when the sun isn't!

See how easy it is to apply glass beads in the video below! This product is an improved, more efficient and effective method over hand spreading or other shaker type application of reflective beads for traffic paint. Easily control the number of beads you dispense and where they land! Create safer, easier-to-see lines in your parking areas, curbs, handicapped parking areas and directional arrows with reflective glass beads.


Sandliner does not warrant that this product meets applicable Federal or Local regulation for glass bead application on Interstate or other regulated motorways: check with local authorities for more information on regulations and how to meet them.

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