SandLiner Pro 50
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SandLiner Pro 50

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  • Item #: SL-50
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A large-capacity, low-fatigue back pack sand spreader that makes your job easier, faster, and more comfortable!  See it in action in the video below to really appreciate it!

Dimensions: 19" tall x 16" wide x 10" deep

Dimensions of Wand: 28" x 4" x 4"

The SandLiner Pro holds up to 50lbs of sand, translating into less time filling and more time sandlining!

The  backpack design allows the weight of the sand to be comfortably distributed over the entire back and waist, reducing strain on shoulders and hands.

SandLiner Pro features:

  • Largest capacity spreader
  • Easy to change threaded setting inserts
  • Durable injection molded construction
  • Built in backpack stand
  • Easily maneuverable spreading wand
  • Holds up to 50 lbs of sand comfortably
  • Backpack design takes weight off arm and shoulder
  • Designed for larger projects
  • Gravity fed for non-stop spreading and economy
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